Learning Environmental Awareness Program (LEAP)

The Green House is working in partnership with Forward Foundation to bring LEAP after-school workshops to schools throughout Honolulu, especially to those with a higher rate of under-resourced students. The goal of LEAP is to inspire these students to take their place as a part of the "whole." LEAP classes are designed to promote action on climate change and waste reduction, while fostering creativity and a sense of personal ability and responsibility.

LEAP was founded and has been managed by The Green House since 2008. For the past 3 years LEAP has been made possible thanks to federal TANF funding. These funds have helped LEAP to not only provide environmental education to students but also develop talented teachers in the mentor component of the program.

LEAP prepares students to live as responsible members of their island and earthly community by allowing them the opportunity to fulfill the following outcomes:

  • cultivate school gardens for food, medicine, and cultural purposes;
  • learn to effectively deal with waste through composting, reusing, recycling, and “refusing”;
  • gain practical understanding of renewable energy technologies;
  • deepen their appreciation for healthy, local, whole foods through hands-on culinary experience;
  • explore alternative concepts of gift giving and other material resource use;
  • formulate positive relationships as part a team, and practice qualities of leadership and civic responsibility.

Since 2008, LEAP has worked with over 500 students in 20 middle and high schools in the Honolulu area by providing weekly hands-on/hands-dirty workshops in gardening, composting, aquaponics, cooking, waste reduction, renewable energy, and recycle art. This program is offered as a free after-school activity for participating schools and students.

Please contact LEAP Director Betty Gearen if you have any questions or would like more information about our curriculum or details about our program and how it can benefit your school and enhance your student’s educational opportunities. betty@thegreenhousehawaii.com (808) 524-8427.